Origami Real Wood Veneer --------German Version klick here-------

With this technique you can fold real wood veneer like paper in origami patterns. I developped this technique over the last few years.
A whole veneer sheet gets processed until it is possible to fold the origami patterns. After that it gets glued on a backing which is made from recycelt cotton fabric soaked in a nontoxic and solvent free resin.
The thickness of the material is less than 2mm. The origami structure makes it dimensionally stable. A panel weighs less than 2 kg. Because of the origami shape the panels act as sound diffusers and improve the accoustic qualities of a room.
The surface can be oiled, waxed or oiled and waxed.
These veneer panels are ideally suited for wall cladding to accentuate rooms. Thus, these unique veneer panels give rooms an individual touch and create a natural room atmosphere. Another use would be ceiling panels or furniture doors.
My goal with this technique was to develop an eco-friendly material with the use of recycled materials and natural surface coating.

These Origami panels are now available. If you have any questions or you want an offer please feel free to send an email to info@formfurnier.de or telephone 0049/6897/9140806.

Some of the veneer panels were exhibited at the interzum booth of the Furnier + Natur e. V. initiative. here are press reactions.

8 wall panels with oak veneer are arranged. Each panel is 577 x 563 x 25mm. the panels can be arranged in any number.

side view of the panel

Kombination aus 9 Wandplatten in 2 Holzarten, Eiche und geschwärztes Furnier

Origami Panel Walnut oiled and waxed

Ceiling panel 60 x 60 cm in maple. These panels are also very decorative as wall art.

ceiling panel, simply exchange panels

prototype of threedimensionally formed origami veneer

length 65cm, width 45cm, depth 8cm