Biofeedback Devive with Feedback Modalities in Peripheral Vision, Display or Brainbay Software
On this sites i will present an Open Source Biofeedback device which i build on basis of Arduino. You can measure temperature with an IR sensor, GSR and you can connect other devices with changing sinus tone output, for example the Thoughtstream USB.  The total cost of this device is about 100€. It works either as a standalone or you can connect it to Brainbay, an Open Source Neurofeedback programm. I developped three designs that allows you video or audiofeedback. so you can watch a movie or listen to music, if the temperature drops the movie/ music stops, if it raises the movie/ music plays again.

Another feedback option is that of visual feedback in the area of Peripheral Vision. Two LED lights are fixed to the right and left of the head at the fringe of the field of sight. in order to perceive the feedback, one must open ones vision into peripheral vision. If the desired values go up, the lights will turn on, if they go down, the lights go off. As staying in peripheral vision is connected to the parasymphathic nerv system, the feedback enhances the level of relaxation of the training. However, this feedback modality needs more testing and i would be happy i you could share your knowledge and ideas about peripheral vision with me. This feedback device can also be plugged to your computer serving as feedback modality for neurofeedback.

For this project i got a lot of help from many people. Chris Veigl, the author of Brainbay, helped me a lot with connecting the arduino to Brainbay. Julian Howes helped me with the code, also Uwe Wickbold. Harald Schuster helped a lot with the hardware. i used libraries for connencting the sensors, thanks to and Peter Fleury for the IR temperature sensor, Martin Nawrath for the frequency library.
And many people posting in the www their ideas.

Here are a some pictures of the device:
Peripheral Vision Feedback Device
IR Temperature Sensor
GSR Sensors
with Thoughtstream GSR